We Have the Team to Keep Your Car Clean!

Car Wash Pro’s well-trained staff and soft-cloth, full-service car wash facility will make your car shine like new. Our car wash packages offer a wide variety of choices from a Pro’s Express to Pro’s Ultra! Car Wash Pro’s offers only the best washing agents and solutions to protect your vehicle investment, and provide a shine that lasts!

Pros Car Wash

You can choose from the following services:

  • Each car is towel dried by hand.
  • Ceramic Coating – for a longer lasting shine.
  • Synthetic hot foaming wax adds a detail-quality shine.
  • Triple-polish foam enhances the shine of your vehicle and offers added protection from the harsh environment.
  • Wheel Brite removes corrosive brake dust and stains from your vehicle’s rims.
  • Under-carriage wash—Cleaning the underside of your vehicle is as important as cleaning the painted surfaces to remove harsh road abrasives/salts and environmental elements and avoid corrosion of your vehicle’s chassis/body. The Pros’ undercarriage service is partnered with the rust inhibitor service to maximize the protection of your vehicle.
  • Rust inhibitor gives a layer of protection to the underside of your vehicle to help protect against costly rust and corrosion.
  • Clear coat sealer is a final protectant for your vehicle’s paint finish that seals in a long lasting shine and seals out acid rain and other harsh environmental corrosives.
  • Tire Shine – for a showroom look.
  • Bug Off—Bugs are extremely acidic and harmful to your vehicle’s finish and should be removed promptly.

Senior Citizen Discount

Come in and receive a 10% discount on all car wash services. (Excludes unlimited monthly club.)

Attention Veterans!

We offer a FREE car wash for all veterans on Veteran’s Day(weather permitting)! And we honor our military personnel as well as our civil servants, police, and firefighters, by offering a DISCOUNT EVERY DAY. Please come see us so we can show our appreciation. Thank you to all our military.

David Medina, Car Wash Manager at Pros Car Care Complex

Meet the Manager

David Medina, Car Wash Manager

Hours of Operation

Monday – Saturday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Sunday: 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
(weather permitting)